Set Your Direction
"It’s a great website, easy access, and I’m already thinking about career paths that I’ve not considered before".
Get 1-2-1 career coaching during the programme and afterwards to help you succeed.
"Incredibly supportive, whether you are in a career and want to jump ship, move sideways or sharpen your skills. Their wealth of resources is brilliant."
* Fees may apply for some courses
You live in Kingston, Richmond, Merton, Sutton or Croydon.

You are 18 - 65 years of age.

You can commit 6 hours per week to coaching & learning

You receive benefits (one or more of: UC, JSA, ESA, Housing CTC, WTC or PIP).
Join this programme for free if...
Eligibility Criteria
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Join our Free* programme and explore moving into a job in the Green Economy
Learn Certified Skills
You’ll learn everything you need to successfully launch your career in the Green Economy
Job Search Support
We’ll connect you with jobs that suit you (based on your preferences), help you with your application and get you prepared for interviews.
What's included in the programme?
Accesss regular career coaching sessions and in-app chat with your coach.
6 Hours of Qualified career coaching
You'll complete proven coaching activities to help you understand how to focus your energy to acheive your goals.
30 Hours of Expert-led activities
Choose courses from our partners to develop skills in the area of the Green Economy that you find interesting.
Curated learning library & self-paced online courses*
"My new-found employment has been keeping me joyously busy and made me feel whole as a person again."
Stay Nimble Member
Stay Nimble Member
"You've opened my eyes and given me different ideas of careers I could be good at, not just in retail and delivery."
*Eligibility criteria apply (see below for details)
Frequently Asked Questions
What can I expect from the Launchpad programme?
  • You’ll get 6 hours of confidential one-on-one time with one of our qualified coaches at no cost. Your coach is available for video calls and in-app chat.

  • The short, easy-to-follow activities and exercises are structured in a 14 part programme that is designed to fit around your other commitments and support your conversations with your coach.

  • Everything is self-paced so you can take our recommended 12 weeks to complete the programme or you can go faster or slower depending on your circumstances.

  • You’ll learn more about how to use your natural talents most effectively, and how to share what you're great at in a way that generates opportunities.

  • You’ll get access to our Skills Library tool, to help you identify and reflect upon your transferable skills so that you can confidently communicate about them to potential employers in the language they understand.

  • You’ll deeply understand your values and how you can use these to help you align your values to the work you do.

  • You'll learn fundamental skills relating to the Green Economy in an industry that interests you to help you demonstrate to employers that you have the skills that they need.

  • You'll be able to explore learning and employment opportunities in and around South London. Your coach will be able to help you with identifying what opportunities are right for you.

  • You’ll learn the strategies that work when connecting with others who can help you to experience and experiment with different options.

  • You can revisit the materials at any time after the end of the programme, and enjoy access to all future updates and improvements.
How long does it take to complete the programme?
  • The programme is self-paced, meaning you can complete it on a time scale that suits you. As a guide, most members complete the programme in 12 weeks if they dedicate 7 hrs per week. However, there is no pressure to dedicate this amount of time on the programme.
Why is this free for eligible people?
  • There is no cost for this programme as it is grant funded by the Department for Energy and Net Zero. 
What if I decide I don't want to work in a Green Job?
  • Launchpad is focused on the Green Economy but if you decide it’s not for you, you can still use your 6 hours of career coaching to help you focus on a different career path. Lots of the career development activities included will help you when considering any type of career.
How is my coach chosen and can I change for a different coach?
  • When you join Stay Nimble, we ask you about your goals. This information is passed along to coaches, and coaches are assigned based on their availability.
  • If you find the chemistry isn’t quite right, you can let us know and we’ll introduce you to a different coach.
What can I expect from working with a Stay Nimble coach?
You can expect your coach to help you:

  • Identify what’s most important to you and what you want from your future
  • Achieve these goals
  • Work through exercises and activities that help you understand yourself and how to perform at your best
  • Ask the right questions to find the right answers for you
  • Make space and time for reflection and self-development
  • Stay focused and on track to achieve results quicker than on your own
  • Unlock ideas you haven’t previously considered

They can also support you with employability needs including help you tailor CVs, cover letters and preparing for interviews based on the activities above.
Working with a Stay Nimble coach helps you focus on your current situation, think about what you want from your future, and then make a plan to get there.
Take your first step into a job that tackles the climate emergency.
South London Partnership Launchpad: Green Jobs
Stay Nimble Member
Stay Nimble Member
Delivery: Self-Paced Online
Duration (Est): 12 Weeks
Cost: Free*